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Guardian v2 turns 1!

Guardian v2 gains some awesome new features on its 1st anniversary

Hey everyone! We’ve been a little quiet with server things in the past month or so, but Guardian V2 turns 1 year old today, and we’ve given him some awesome new features to celebrate.

First and foremost, Google Assistant is coming to Guardian! Simply make a party (!party create chill, for example), and then type !ga followed by your query — such as !ga What’s the weather in Amsterdam? or !ga Tell me a joke. For now, you can test this out in the temporary #googleassistant channel.

Here’s the best part: it can also work in voice channels! Join a party voice channel and use !ga — a prompt will appear. Click the speaker button, say your query, and click the speaker button again once you’re done. Google Assistant will speak back to you, just like it does on your phone. You can even use it to play games, like a Music Quiz. Just use !ga play a game. Note that some of Google Assistant’s responses don’t have any text output and will only play over voice.

Next up, you can now “tip” Degreecoins to other members as a sign of appreciation. Just use !tip followed by who you want to tip, for example !tip jae, and Guardian will transfer some pocket change to them. Don’t ping them! You can now also see leaderboards for tips sent and tips received with !leaderboard tips_sent and !leaderboard tips_received.

In the Mashup we promised that we could do loads of cool new things with our own XP system — and here’s the next one! You can now show how people are gaining XP over time on a graph. Use !comparexp to show the top 50 users and their XP growth over time — or, if you want to be competitive and get more XP than a rival, you can show XP gains between particular people in the last 30 days with !comparexp 30 uqlysoftie void jaetpa, for example.

Finally, a huge thanks to Void for making this bot from scratch. This was entirely possible thanks to your donations, which cover server hosting costs, movie nights, Jackbox games, giveaways, etc. If you’d like to help us make more cool stuff like this, you can donate to 95 Degrees projects at – 100% of donations go back into the server.

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Friday, 14 August 2020