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who are we?

we are an open and welcoming discord server that brings people together from all around the world and puts the community first, offering a safe and engaging space with many unique & exclusive features.


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messages sent in 2022


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regular events

we're always running exciting events that keep our community engaged such as game nights, questions of the week, team tournaments, the 95 degrees mashup and much more!

minecraft smp

we have our very own minecraft smp server! community members level 20+ can feel free to join in, build as they like and collaborate with other members. we also host events within the server so keep an eye out!

custom bots

a selection of custom-coded bots developed by our staff run in our server and offer the community a variety of unique and convenient features.


our main bot that offers many different features, including member quotes, community events, an xp + levelling system, and a customisable profile.


a bot that tracks activity in the server by our members and generates a daily server banner with the most active to least active members for that day.

95 Degrees Mashup 2022

our most ambitious show ever!

the 95 degrees mashup is a yearly celebration of our community, with awards, community highlights, announcements, giveaways and so much more in one live, interactive stream! last year we celebrated six years of our community, and if you haven't seen mashup 2022 yet, you can watch it below!

meet our staff

& our cafe regulars

cafe regulars are specially chosen members of our community that we think are a good example to follow. they offer additional moderation support with minimal mod abilities.

we have merch!

sport the 95 degrees logo on various items like shirts and stickers!

our collection is available over on redbubble.

95 degrees wiki

our server has a wiki which details information for members old and new, it's worth a read if you want to get started and learn more about the server!

visit the wiki