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A New Chapter

Here's what the future of 95 Degrees looks like

It’s time for a new look

As we approach 5 years of our community, we’re turning up the brightness and introducing a cleaner, dynamic and animated new logo, full of colour.

For the past few months, we’ve been planning improvements to the general experience in our server, and today marks the first, biggest step — updating our branding.

Here’s what the future of 95 Degrees looks like.

The new server icon slowly animates and loops

Our new look is brighter, bolder, and more confident than ever. A fresh coat of paint over the dull grey branding we’ve used since 2017.

Our new branding is dynamic too — we can change the logo’s colours and effects as seasons change — such as dark orange hues for Halloween and bright reds for Christmas.

New server branding means new bot icons! Meet the new designs for 95 Degrees Radio, Bannerista, and Guardian v1 and v2.

Our bright white/blue/purple gradients apply across the board, not just in the logo. We’re also debuting a new website, new join banners, icons for Guardian v1 and v2, Bannerista and 95 Degrees Radio, server banner templates, new Podcast overlays and thumbnails, templates for social media posts, a welcome screen banner, and new merch!

An overview of the new 95 Degrees branding

So, that’s what the future of 95 Degrees looks like. We’ve already got merch up on Redbubble, with a few designs and hundreds of different products.

We hope you like our changes! If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, let us know!

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Friday, 19 March 2021