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95 Degrees Radio now open source

Radio is now open source for anyone who is interested

Well that’s the end of 95 Degrees Radio… or is it?

I’ve decided to open source the code, for anyone who is interested, feel free to do what you want with it. It’s very specialised for specifically 95 Degrees & the specific environment in which the radio was hosted but I think it deserves at least a bit of a legacy.

Yes, it’s Java.

a) Sorry

b) There weren’t many good music libraries which weren’t written in Java, especially back in 2018

The radio has always been a pretty fun & unique project. It did break a lot of the time, but mostly because YouTube hates music bots, which became very hard to counter even with a load of defences in place.

I hope anyone who’s used the radio over the past 5 years has enjoyed it, & thanks for listening :)

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Thursday, 4 May 2023